Parolee/Prisoner/Probation Tracker

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PT100 is dustproof and waterproof wrist watch which specially designed for parolee
tracking. It is small and light just like normal watch, the parolee is willing to wear. With
GPS/WIFI/GSM locating mode, it can precisely send alarm by SMS and APP when
there is watch breaking/boundary crossing/low battery. Parolee tracker will ensure that
parolees will adhere to their mandated restrictions while trying to rejoin society in a
productive manner. It’s ideal product for law enforcement department.


  • GPS / WIFI / GSM locating mode
  • Breaking watch alarm, send alarm by SMS & APP, designed with IP tamper technology
  • Low battery alarm, send alarm by SMS & APP when battery is lower than 20%
  • Boundary violation alarm, send alarm by SMS & APP, the minimum radius of the
    electronic fence is 500 meters
  • IPX7 waterproof and dustproof