Rugged-case Interview Recorder
It equipped with 500GB harddisk/2 DVD-RAMs, 12 inch LCD screen/2*1080P HD-SDI cameras/ 4*MEMS silicon micromachined array microphones in one rugged-case. Front camera is facing the interviewer, back adjustable camera is facing interviewee. It is easy to carry on to do on-site interview, even for a women, there is no need set at all, you can just take out and use.
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IR-HD500 is high definition rugged case investigation interview video recorder. The professional design is specifically for law enforcement interviews in Police, Courts, Customs, Military and Child Advocacy etc. IR-HD500 can simultaneously capture video and audio on the scene, recording to hard disk and burn in dual DVD-ROM with an only hash value synchronously, which can seal the evidence with not be able to falsify. With internal camera and microphone, it is ideal choice for on-site interview recording.


  • Firmware based, (Linux OS)means anti-virus and stable
  • 1080P capture and preview, both analog and IP camera supported
  • Start and end recording with a single button
  • Support hard disk and dual DVD-ROM synchronously recording
  • Burn in with an only hash value
  • Support power off protection and data recovery
  • Fast to seal DVD after interview, around 1 minute
  • Audio input signal is visible on the screen
  • Support case and environment information overlap on the recording screen
  • Both local output and web-based client enable 3rd party to monitor the interview
  • Remote interview, support H.323 protocol, which can directly communicate with VC terminal to fulfill remote interview